The first time you visit us at Garberg Chiropractic, we ask you to arrive a few minutes early to fill out forms that help us to get to know you. If you prefer, you can download these forms at the send of this section and bring them already completed.

These forms include a personal information form to let us know how to contact you for follow up as needed, a consent form that give us permission to treat the health issue that brings you in to see us and a medical history questionnaire to provide background information that help our doctors and therapists to make the best possible treatment decisions.

If you’ve been in an accident, an accident report form is available below to ensure that the doctors have complete information as to possible complications.

When the forms are filled out and returned, we will notify the doctor or therapist with whom you have an appointment. Within minutes you will be ushered back to begin the appointment.


We accept all major insurance plans, and chiropractic care is now covered by most providers. We can assist you in identifying and understanding what your current insurance coverage provides in the way of pain relief care and can help guide you through Washington State’s L&I requirements.


Please fill out the attached forms and bring them with you to your first appointment.

New Patient Forms

Online Scheduling